Median Priced Home Down 2% From Year Ago

Fort Myers News Press-
In Lee County the median sales price — half more and half less — was $281,500, down 2 percent from $286,500 a year ago.
In Charlotte County, prices were down 12 percent from $213,400 to $186,900 and sales were off 39 percent from 387 to 235.
Complete information for Collier County was not available because the Naples Area Board of Realtors no longer reports its statistics to the state association.

Property Tax Reduction Passes Legislature. What's Next?

Florida voters have a Jan. 29 date with a multibillion-dollar remodeling job on the popular Save Our Homes tax cap.
This year, homeowners can expect to see a $174 average reduction on their tax bills. Other property owners would get a similar break.
And, should the proposed amendment get 60 percent of the vote, nearly three-fourths of Florida's current 4.3 million homesteaders could save an average of $1,300 next year.

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Fort Myers News Press

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Lawmakers file plan for $31.6 Billion Property Tax Cut

Fort Myers News Press
Lawmakers propose a five year, $31,600 Billion property tax cut, a plan leaders promise if fully approved will save the average homesteader $1300 in next year's tax bill.

"Hardworking men and women who have suffered under skyrocketing property taxes in communities across our state are closer to find the relief they so desperately need," said Gov. Charlie Crist.
Plan Specifics
  • An immediate roll back of county and city taxes on all property owners to 2006-2007 levels. ( My question is, why not go back to 2004 levels before property taxes soared?)
  • Property tax increases will then be capped based on personal income growth and new construction
  • Local governments can opt out of the cuts and caps with super majority approval of boards.

Expanded homestead exemptions

  1. 75 percent exemption from taxes on the first $200,000 in value.
  2. 15 percent exemption on values between $200,000 and $500.000.

There are minor improvements for non-homesteaders. Remember this is only a proposed plan and probably will change knowing politicians. June 12th is the date the legislature meets to go over possible tax cuts.

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Cape Coral Builder Removes Fixtures - Retaliation?

Fort Myers News-Press
Cape Coral contractor R. Fry builders has started partially dismantling houses where the customers are balking at closing the deal - removing doors, windows, air conditioners and other items.
Customers say the builder is stealing their property, but R. Fry's position is the materials need to be removed to protect against vandalism and theft.
Fry officials said they're responding to an increasingly common phenomenon caused by plunging real-estate values that have left buyers unwilling or unable to close the deal because the mortgage would be more than the house is worth.
At the height of the market in December 2005 the median resale price for a single-family home in Lee County was $322,300; it dropped to $283,200 in April 2007, according to the Florida Association of Realtors.

Lee County New Home Permits Up 15%

Fort Myers News Press
Lee County reported Monday a 15 percent increase from April for the unincorporated area plus Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Springs.
The county's permits - at 303, up from 264 are well off the frantic pace that prevailed in 2005 and the first part of 2006 but it's been about the same level for the past 6 months.
Fort Myers had 44 permits in May, up 10 percent from April. Cape Coral had only 77 permits which is the lowest in 11 years.