Real estate market in Fort Myers showing traits of recovery in 2013

If you’re planning to buy real estate property in the Southwest Florida, then Fort Myers is considered as one the best locations for the home buyers. The real estate market in Fort Myers can be beneficial for the buyer as it offers lot more than expected. There are many options for the home buyers and homes vary from pool homes to high-rise condos. Therefore, you have many options to choose from when you’re planning to buy a home in Fort Myers.

The home buyers prefer buying their homes in pristine and sincere location. Fort Myers is located in the laps of Mother Nature and surrounded by sandy beaches. Therefore, it is considered to be a unique feature of the place; thereby making it a desirable location for investment. The place has managed to preserve its cultural values and has proper facilities for education.

However, during housing bubble, the real estate market in Fort Myers was immensely affected. Recently, this place is a preferable location for the buyers, so the market is showing a steady recovery in last few years. The population of this area is also increasing as more people are planning to settle in this part of Florida.

The number of vacant homes has dropped by 30%; thereby sharply indicating that more people are interested to relocate in this place. The number of distressed property has dropped significantly. So, the favorable market conditions are attracting more people to invest in this part of Florida. The real estate prices have escalated by 21% in Fort Myers. Therefore, this is the best time to invest before the real estate prices are sky rocketing in the coming years.

The Fort Myers real estate market is beneficial for the sellers even after the collapse in the real estate market. The sellers can make huge profit out of the property situated in Fort Myers. According to the latest statistics, the prices of real estate in southwest part of Florida are mounting, although in a slow rate.

The sellers can easily find about the current price of the properties in Fort Myers. Therefore, it is easier for the buyers as well as the sellers to be aware of the market price of homes in Fort Myers. The sellers can estimate the right market value of their properties. The borrowers can also understand whether they can afford a house in this part of Florida. The sellers as well as the buyers can check the online listing of home prices for condominiums and single-family homes. Therefore, analyzing the statistics can help them analyze the real estate conditions prevailing in this economy. For more information visit:
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