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There is a great demand for Fort Myers homes and condos.  With home inventory falling prices of the properties have risen steeply in the last few years. Fort Myers real estate commands premium price owning to its locale, pristine Beaches and palm trees making it a popular place to live and retire. Best Fort Myers Real Estate is a free MLS service that brings to you the best properties in Fort Myers Florida.  sources information about the hottest properties from famous realtors who place their listings on the MLS. This allows the users to keep track of the updated listings on the website. These listing serve every budget and taste. From homes and condominiums to townhomes, carriage homes and villas the website offers you an insight into all kinds of properties in the Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach . Being a chose retirement destination the website also features the best active adult and senior retirement communities.

This website has made searching for dream homes easy. Apart from Fort Myers users can also search for properties in surrounding cities such as Sanibel, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, San Carlos and Lehigh Acres. The site also has a Google Map powered real estate search feature that which gives users a birds-eye-view of neighborhoods, streets and property locations. The search results can also be saved and shared with family and friends via email. Users can also sign up for real estate email alerts based on your MLS listing search criteria.

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About Best Fort Myers Real Estate - Best Fort Myers Real Estate is a premier real estate website in Fort Myers, Florida and offers you a free MLS search for your dream home or condo. The MLS is the multiple listing service that realtors place their listings on. Now you can view these updated listings yourself through our website!

Why Do You Hire A Fort Myers Real Estate Agent?

Fort Myers Homes and CondosWhy should you hire a Fort Myers real estate agent. They filter all spam properties and show the real picture. If you are a buyer of Fort Myers Condos or homes, a good agent will work with all builders’ agents.  If you are a seller, your agents will take care of all phone calls that come from nowhere and attempt to you to write an offer.

Neighborhood Knowledge nobody knows your place better than your local Fort Myers real estate agent. They have intimate knowledge about properties, identify comparable sales and sniff the future prospect of selling or buying. They can also give you essential data regarding schools, communication, market place, gym, and demographics.

Transparency on Prices Contrary to popular belief, agents do not manipulate prices for sellers or buyers. However, if a client is unsure about pricing, an agent can guide him to make the right choice. Suppose a listing has 4% then an agent has only 4% vested interest, but the client has a 96% interest. Agents will provide you with all data and give you options to choose from. A negotiation strategy is based on market supply, demand and supply and other conditions.

Market Conditions Information Real estate agents have market information that can be disclosed to you. This information is confidential and governs selling and buying process. Many factors govern the data such as cost of average per square foot of subdivision area, average sales price of the area, ratios of list-to-sold prices and others.

Professional  Fort Myers Real estate agents have their professional networking and they know the intricacies about the reputation, efficiency, competency and pricing of vendors. Agents do not trickle down information because of legal bindings, but they can always give you references.

Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality When it comes to talking, experience speaks out. Top agents can negotiate well and remove the emotional aspects of deal. They are skilled and trained to present their clients’ case in the best way. They are not messenger, but dealer because their interests link with clients.

Handling Paperwork - Gone are days of one-page deposit receipts. These days purchasing or selling a property is a cumbersome process of handling ten-pages or more documents. And mind you, that document is just your property document, not the federal and state-mandated disclosures and other customary obligations. Experienced agents understand the importance of documents and handle it carefully. You can also hire a lawyer to handle your documents, but a good agent can also do the same.

Sandy Saddleson is a property consultant for over 20 years. She has also associated with number of renowned Fort Myers Real Estate firms. Over the years she has successfully consulted innumerable clients to get affordable Fort Myers Condos and to sell their properties in best prices.

Fort Myers Home Permits Up

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Single-family-home permits in Lee County jumped to their highest level in five years, according to statistics released on Monday.

Meanwhile, the number of foreclosure lawsuits filed in the county was 562, up from 422 in February but down from 794 in March 2012, a report by the Southwest Florida Real Estate Investors Association states.

There were 221 permits issued for the month: 79 in Lee County; 61 in Fort Myers; 50 in Bonita Springs; 30 in Cape Coral and one in Sanibel. Fort Myers Beach numbers weren’t available Monday.

That was more than the 205 issued in February and the 218 in June 2012, last year’s high point. Courtesy of the Fort Myers News Press.

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