Lee County (Fort Myers) Foreclosures Drop

Lenders filed 187 foreclosure lawsuits in Lee County - Fort Myers Area - in June – 52 percent down from 362 a year earlier, according to statistics released today by the Southwest Florida Real Estate Investors Association.
June's number was down just one from May, and a continuation of a string of low numbers following a slow decline from the deluge of foreclosures filed following the implosion of home prices starting in early 2006.
Foreclosures hit a peak of 2,665 in October 2008 as home owners and investors alike walked away from houses no longer worth their purchase price.
The report also noted that 317 certificates of title were conveyed for buildings in foreclosure in June, down from May's 340 but still more than the number of new foreclosures. Click here for all your Fort Myers Real Estate Needs!

Tortuga - Don't buy -Taylor Morrison

I made the mistake of moving into the Tortuga development in South Fort Myers.
It took  the builder Taylor Morrison 4 months to fix a shower door that could have been exchanged within days.
Think about how you would feel after a Jack Hammer has been going for many, many hours. Before you buy from Taylor Morrison, think about it. Talk to those that live there.
After living here about 7 months Taylor Morrison decided to put new tile through out the upstairs unit. Oops, no they don't have a permit.

Taylor Morrison is also the builder at Lucaya and several other communities.