Tropical Storm Erika is forecast to approach South Florida as a Category 1 hurricane sometime early on Monday, August 31st. However, it is still too early to say whether it will brush, hit or bypass the region. The big question remains just how strong Erika will be when it reaches this vicinity. Some models predict it will fall apart before getting this far and others call for a robust hurricane (see cone below).

Here is the 5:00 PM update from the National Hurricane Center (NHC):
TS Erika still reaching Hurricane force but the center has shifted more to the East so the center of the storm is off the coast of Florida.  Having said that we all know how unpredictable storms can be, so please see below and prepare for this potential storm.  Attached for your review please find the Hurricane Plan and Procedures.
Please remove all furniture from balconies, front screen enclosures, and your lanais: potted plants, tables, chairs and anything affixed to the walls during a hurricane “WATCH”.  If you are not going to be in the residence please make arrangements to secure these items now.  In the event any damages are caused due to any flying object coming from your home, the unit owner will be solely responsible for any cost incurred.
Nothing herein is to be construed as a guarantee that Management or Association personnel will be available to handle any preparations on behalf of individual owners, as first priority must be given to preparation of the common properties of the Association.

We encourage neighbors to reach out to one another and offer a helping hand, especially for your elderly neighbors or those unable to prepare and secure their hurricane shutters, should they be needed.  Safety for all is our number #1 concern.
As a reminder, in cases of exponential amounts of rain and flooding, not only will yards incur slow drainage and changes in landscape schedules, low areas in the roads and construction zones have additional obstacles.  They are required to screen what enters the sewers and block construction debris, therefore they do not drain as quickly as other areas.  You will also see increases in water levels of the lakes, and although they have a drainage system set in place just like the streets, the cannot drain as quickly as the amount of rain coming down.  Please drive carefully throughout all of Southwest Florida during these storms.
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